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Charissa Hogeland


“A subtle weight behind Hogeland's eyes pulled me in. With an impressive palette of vocal tricks to paint with, Hogeland takes us on Daisy's journey with surprising depth…delivered with an emotive mix that hardens into a strong Vegas-sized belt as Daisy's fury grows. Hogeland is undeniably the main reason to chase that Green Fairy to the Palazzo Theatre for BAZ”

"She is chillingly good." 

-Hotter in Hollywood

"Hogeland’s voice is a crystal clear wonder."

- Frontiers LA

“Hogeland cuts a memorable figure, maximizing her limited stage time (as Nicola) with sharp character work and a crystal-clear soprano” 

“And beyond the storytelling, there's a variety of Cher solo and duo numbers masterfully performed by Gettlefinger, Hogeland, and Hudelson. The trio look a little bit like Cher in their portrayals, but their real success is in capturing her vocal stylings and the essence of the entertainer. Each of these ladies is star quality. They could not be more perfectly cast in their roles.”


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