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As a passionate teaching artist with 10+ years of experience instructing students all the way from preschool to University level, my goal is to cultivate a deep sense of empathy, curiosity, and joy of expression in each student. I am dedicated to empowering students by instilling both the necessary skills for performance and the confidence to embrace their unique artistic abilities. By fostering a supportive and inclusive environment, I inspire students to fearlessly explore new artistic territories and express themselves authentically. With experience accommodating diverse learning styles and skill levels, I create an engaging and enriching educational experience for my students. I love teaching the next generation of creative is one of the great joys of my life!

Institutions, companies, and programs I have taught/choreographed for:

Riverdale Children’s Theatre, Head teacher

NYU, Guest Workshop Teacher

Joffrey Ballet Company, Guest teacher

Togetherhood LLC, NYC after school programs


Ramona High School 

Backstage Dance Academy, Melbourne 

Broadway Direct

Broadway Classroom 

Western Connecticut State University

Children’s Arts and Theatre, Corona 

Riverside Children’s Theatre

Private lessons/coaching 


Teaching Specialties, Succinct List:

-Acting and Performance classes 

-Scene Study

-Song Performance/Acting Through Song

-Audition Coaching, both college prep and professional

-Broadway kids courses

-Improv and Theatre Games for kids

-Broadway choreography masterclasses (for kids and adults)

-Beginning/Intermediate dancing

-Q&A sessions

-Push, Pull, Feed: This is a specialized workshop that I am very passionate about teaching and can be taught over the course of a semester as well. This method teaches singers and performers to harness the energy in the room to fuel their performance, inspire new ideas, and get them out of their heads and into their bodies. This technique is a powerful way to ease performance anxiety, free up the body, and hook into more dynamic storytelling. 


Education: BA in Musical Theatre from UCLA’s school of Theatre, Film, and Television

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